Do It For The Love

“If I only ever teach one yoga class after this, I hope I teach a class before the Michael Franti concert,” I said, jokingly, when I started my yoga teacher training.

For those unfamiliar with Michael Franti, he is a musician, humanitarian and filmmaker who uses his art as a vehicle for positive change in the world. His live performances are energetic and fun, encouraging strangers to dance together, laugh together and sing together. His music speaks to positivity, peacefulness and power to the people. He is quoted on his Facebook page saying, “I feel a deeper sense of purpose in music today than I ever have in my career. My goal is to make the most inspiring music I possibly can for this intense, crazy and wonderful time we’re all living in.”

I have always found comfort in music. Songs, like scent, provide a deeper connection to my memories. I pick apart lyrics like analyzing poetry. Some – like Summertime is in Our Hands or My Favorite Wine is Tequila – simply make me smile. Others – like Never Too Late or I’ll Be Waiting – feel soulful. Whether I want to calm myself in times of high anxiety or depression or fuel my happiness, I listen to Franti.

When the Stay Human Tour dates were listed, there were three stops in New England and I bought two tickets to Savage Oakes Vineyard & Winery in Union, Maine as soon as they went on sale. My mom (who has joined me at two of Franti’s eight concerts I have attended) was easily convinced to come along.

Fast forward to the end of May, just a month after completing my yoga teacher training, and I see a post on the Franti fan page asking who was interested in organizing #soulrockerfam meet ups before concerts. I immediately emailed to see if I could teach a pre-show yoga flow before his performance here in Maine. After some back and forth emails and phone tag with his lovely staff, I received confirmation last night that I will lead the yoga class at 3:30 p.m. on the grounds of Savage Oakes Vineyard & Winery prior to his Sunday show.

I can’t wait for this magical opportunity and am beyond thrilled!


You can register for this FREE class here: Pre-Concert Soulrocker Yoga


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